About Southeast Kelowna

Rural Feel

If you love your privacy and want some land around you, if you want to have horses and a rural feel to your living environment, if the idea of an orchard or large garden appeal to you—then the piece of paradise called Southeast Kelowna may just be the place for you. A gorgeous suburban area divided below and above a beautiful ridge, blended among rows of orchards and farmland, providing a great suburban atmosphere, with the calm associated with rural areas. Whether you are living alongside the Mission Creek or atop the ridge overlooking the splendour of the lake and the city, there is no shortage of peaceful scenery in South East Kelowna. Central to the mission and Spall/Springfield areas of the city, this area is accessible to commercial centres, while remaining peaceful and isolated. Housing options are vast, but are typically larger homes on big lots or acreages, orchards, and vineyards.